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- Tuesday, November 07, 2017

 Taxt For some businesses knowing exactly what you have in stock and how much it cost you are key to ensuring you know exactly what you can sell and at what price to make a profit. Spreadsheets are a risky way to do this and do not offer real time or other people to see what the stock levels are. A good inventory management system is key to ensuring this can be done efficiently and bring profit under scrutiny instantly from anywhere. .

Unleashed is the inventory management system that will enable businesses of all sizes to move their operations completely online. We have implemented unleashed with a number of clients that had been using spreadsheets and the impact has been drastic!! It has saved manhours of inputting data into spreadsheets that could not easily be verified to be correct and then re-entering into the accounting system. Unleashed integrates seamlessly with Xero accounting software which we champion.

Some of the benefits of using Unleashed are:

  • Easy integration with Xero
  • Can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Connects with other Point of Sale apps such as Shopify or Vend
  • Mobile app so can be used on the move

Software systems can help automate most of your processes. From when your stock is delivered to the time it is sold, you’ll know exactly what you hold, how many have sold, and how many you have on order. Unleashed does all this and is inexpensive.

You will be able to see data in a variety of forms – by product, by the customer, by date range and more – meaning you’ll start to discover trends and be able to adapt accordingly. It will minimise the chances of stock being left on the shelves because you think it will be a good seller; as well as being caught short with things that fly out the door. Understocking and overstocking will be a thing of the past.

This also helps to keep your customers and suppliers happy. There will be no rush for suppliers to deliver products that you need immediately, and you will be able to manage customers’ expectations by letting them know exactly what you have in stock and any wait times for back orders.

With inventory software you can find the data you need in seconds, allowing you to make business decisions based on real-time information. And it isn’t just for key staff members or management – it is there to make the lives of all your staff easier. When it comes to stock count, having integrated software can help save a lot of time and alleviate human error. Any errors can be rectified easily, and any areas of concern, like stock level differences, will become apparent immediately – meaning you can investigate and sort the issue there and then.

If you would like to know more about Unleashed inventory management software, please contact us here at Naylor Accountancy Services. We are Unleashed implementation partner in the South of England so we are Unleashed experts.

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