Auto Enrolment Seminar 9th July 2015

- Tuesday, June 09, 2015

 Auto EnrolmentI have had many clients asking me about Auto Enrolment and how it will affect them. As I stated in the blog I wrote in March 2015 it will impact ALL businesses that run a payroll and you need to plan for it.

“Don’t sleep walk into Auto Enrolment!”

I am running a FREE seminar on Auto Enrolment for all my clients and guests on Thursday 9th July 2015 from 9-11am at the Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells. So please do come along and invite anyone who you think might be interested.

I have partnered up with James Luetchford who is an expert on pensions and is a Principal Partner of St James’s Place Wealth Management. James will be letting you know all about Auto Enrolment and you will be able to ask him any questions you have at the end. He has also said that he is happy to give FREE ADVICE to any of my clients about which Auto Enrolment pension scheme to choose. I am not qualified (or allowed) to do this so I am very grateful that he has agreed to do this for FREE for you as I know a lot of people are charging for this advice. So please do take advantage of this.

After tea and biscuits I will let you know what we at Naylor Accountancy can do for you to ensure you comply with all the new reporting regulations.

There are both costs to businesses in the form of pension contributions (3% by 2018) and new reporting required (not complying carries penalties).

Please do let me know if you will be coming and if you are bringing a guest.

Refer back to my March 2015 blog for a brief summary of Auto Enrolment.