Changes for the new tax year

Posted Apr 17, 2019

Changes for the new tax year

As 5th April rolls around again, it brings with it the annual adjustments to various rates and allowances for tax. The changes taking place from 6th April 2019 are as follows

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Annual Parties – tax benefit

Posted Nov 24, 2014

Annual Parties – tax benefitChristmas is around the corner and parties are being booked. As a business with employees (directors and potentially employees) you will be able to claim the Christmas party as a business expense as long as it is no more than £150 per head.  - Read more >>

Save up to £2,000 in tax!

Posted Apr 28, 2014

Save up to £2,000 in tax!As of April 2014 if you run a payroll you will be able to save up to £2,000 in employer National Insurance Contributions if you qualify and apply for it.  - Read more >>

Mileage allowance

Posted Feb 17, 2014

Mileage allowanceWith the heavy tax on company cars it has become very popular to use your own car for business and then claim back mileage allowance.   - Read more >>