Impact of Budget 2015 on Small Business

Posted Mar 18, 2015

Impact of Budget 2015 on Small BusinessWow! The budget today definitely had some changes that will impact small businesses. You will now be able to take out more money from your business before paying tax and the point at which you pay higher rate of tax has increased.  - Read more >>

What has the 2014 budget got for Small business?

Posted Mar 19, 2014

What has the 2014 budget got for Small business?It appears that the economy is growing but is there anything in this budget that helps small business save money is a key question. Overall the answer would be NO. However, there are some points worth looking at that will be favourable to business owners.   - Read more >>

Autumn statement 2013

Posted Dec 05, 2013

Autumn statement 2013From the forecast growth upgrade to lowering of the Government deficit and fall in unemployment it all sounds like the UK is doing great! But the big relief is no double dip recession and the aspiration of better times ahead seems plausible at last.  - Read more >>