Your Guide to Xero Accounting

Every business needs to stay in control of its finances. Most of the small businesses that get into trouble do so simply because they lost control of their cashflow. It is not usually because they were unsuccessful. It is because they did not manage their finances.

MDs, CEOs and small business owners spend most of their time on implementing their plans, growing their business and managing their team. However, they must keep an eye on what is going in and out of their business account. They must also use key financial data for their strategy and plans.

MDs, CEOs and small business owners spend most of their time on implementing their plans, growing their business and managing their team. However, they must keep an eye on what is going in and out of their business account. They must also use key financial data for their strategy and plans.

So how do you handle your bookkeeping and accounting in an efficient and cost-effective way? How do you monitor what is going on in your business in real-time? How do you keep a sharp eye on your key figures?.

Software is a great option. However, it can be expensive and complicated. There is an answer.

Xero accounting is the custom-tailored solution for small and medium sized businesses.

NAS are Xero accounting specialists. It all starts with Xero bookkeeping and setting up your Xero dashboard for your business. Let us explain.

How Xero Accounting Software Helps You

Xero is award-winning cloud accounting software with over 2 million subscribers. As Xero certified accountants, we can help you to make the most of the amazing benefits it offers.

Major features include:

Manage Your Finances

Xero makes managing your finances a breeze. It makes it easy for you to quote for and invoice your customers as well as pay your bills.

Automated daily bank feeds ensure that your always up to date with your balance. You can also monitor your outstanding invoices and your upcoming bills putting you back in control.

Access Anywhere

Xero allows you to take your business with you. You can access your finances and monitor your business 24/7 using your laptop or smartphone.

You can share access with your accountant and/ or management team so you can discuss your finances with you all looking at the same information.

Business Snapshot

Your business snapshot dashboard displays key performance measures to help you understand your financial position.

It graphically displays measures including your income, expenses, cash balance, profit or loss and your gross profit margin as well as average times to get paid and pay your suppliers.

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Why Use Xero Bookkeeping?

Xero bookkeeping makes quoting and invoicing easy while allowing you to track your payments and pay your bills.

Invoices and Quotes

With Xero, your invoices are customised for your business. It is quick and easy to create, send and track your invoices on your computer, laptop or mobile device and e-mail it to a client.

The Xero invoicing module allows you to:

  •  Bulk send invoices

    Send all of your invoices simultaneously or email multiple invoices at once.

  •  Invoice from your mobile

    You can create and send online invoices from your smartphone as soon as the job is done.

  •  Set up repeating invoices

    You can create, save and email recurring invoices automatically from Xero.

  •  Enjoy immediate payment

    You can send involves that are “payment-enabled”. This allows your customers to click and pay immediately with any major debit or credit card.  We can integrate Stripe, GoCardless or other payment gateways with Xero.

  •  Replicate the last invoice

    You can save time by replicating your last invoice, make any edits to the amount or description and send.

  •  Account statement

    You can remind your customers about what they owe you or have paid you by sending them an account statement from Xero.


Xero makes it easy to stay on top of your bills allowing you to see who you need to pay and when. You can see outstanding bills in your dashboard and keep on top of what you are owed by who and when.

The Xero bills module allows you to:

  •  Record bills single location

    You can email bills straight to Xero for paperless bookkeeping. Xero extracts the key information such as date, amount owed, supplier name and due date from the bills automatically.

  •  See what bills are due for payment

    The purchases overview enables you to view and monitor your bills in one place. .

  •  Schedule payments and batch pay suppliers

    You can pay multiple bills in one simple transaction.

  •  Repeat and replicate bills

    You can save time by replicating the last bill making any needed edits to amount or description.

  •  Pay with TransferWise

    You can pay and manage multiple bills through Xero using your preferred bank account.

  •  Hubdoc integration

    Hubdoc extracts critical information from each bill or receipt automatically. You can push all bills from Hubdoc to Xero on the click of a button..

Xero Reports

Xero’s reporting functionality puts you back in control.

Executive Summary

This puts the key information you need in one report including an overview of key cash, profitability, balance sheet, income, performance and position items.

Cash Summary

The Cash Summary shows the movement of cash into and out of your organisation for a selected period. You can see your bank transactions invoices, bills and expenses.

Profit and Loss

View your organisation's income, expenses and profit over a reporting period. A quick snapshot of income, spending and profit is also available through the Xero mobile app..

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet report allows you to see your organisation's financial position as at a selected date.

Aged Receivables

The Aged Receivables Summary report shows you the amount your customers owe and how long they've been outstanding.

Aged Payables

The Aged Payables report shows the amounts you owe to your suppliers or for expense claims and if they're overdue.

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