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We look to make your life easier so that you and your team can work on the business with Naylor Accountancy Services taking on the input of the purchase invoices into Xero accounting software.

All you will need to do is email all purchase invoices you receive to a specific email address we give you OR take photos of expenses using the Receipt Bank app we will set you up with.

We’ll regularly post those purchase invoices into your Xero accounting system so your payables list is always up to date and we’re ensuring up to date reporting.

This will ensure that your expenses are all reported in Xero. There will also be a picture of every purchase invoice transaction that you have forwarded. So that you can always go back and see the actual expense invoice if you every have a query. These can be printed off or emailed as a pdf if this is ever required. This is great if you ever have a HMRC inspection as we will be able to pull up any invoices quickly that HMRC have a query about instantly. If it is a face-to-face investigation HMRC can see for themselves how organised your accounts are.

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