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Many accountants will happily do your accounts, VAT returns, payroll etc. We do all of these and help you to reach your targets whether this is increasing your profits, growing your business, developing a business plan or putting your exit strategy into action.

We have developed a series of webinars which are designed to help you take back control and move your business forward quickly.

These webinars contain the answers to the questions most frequently asked by business owners, MDs and CEOs.

Whether you are a sole trader or the CEO of a multi-million pound business, you will find the high performance tools you require to make your profits soar in these milestone webinars!

Building a Better Business in 10 Steps

Business is not easy. Whether you are working on your own or have a team, it brings many challenges. We can help you to rise to the challenges and achieve your goals.

In this classic one-hour webinar, Nikolai will:

  •  Share why being open to change and new learning is vital and how you can find the time for it.
  •  Explain how to define where you are now so you can move forward quickly and achieve fast results.
  •  Reveal how to produce a one-page plan with actions to move you forward.
  •  Show you how to be a better leader and build a strong workplace culture that makes your life easier and business more successful.
  •  Describe how to build a strong, high-performance network that brings in more of the business you want.

The 10 Hats in Every Business

As you grow as a business, it is vital that you organise. Many businesses grow and then shrink simply due to a lack of organisation. For example, many sole traders recruit employees and within 6 months or so go back to working on their own.

Most people believe this growth and shrinkage is due to cashflow difficulties. However, these cashflow difficulties usually stem from a lack of organisation. This can be as simple as people not knowing their role or not having the necessary training and experience to do their job effectively.

In just under 50 minutes, Nikolai will cover:

  •  The Ceiling of Complexity - growth creates complexity but by using this model you can find the breakthroughs you need to take it to the next level.
  •  How to Free Up Your time and Capacity - Nikolai will show you a simple way to prioritise your tasks (and even drop some of them) thus freeing up your time.
  •  The 10 Hats in EVERY Business - a business owner must wear all of these until they have the organisation in place to hand them over to others. Find out what these hats are and how you can delegate them to others.
  •  The Four Key Principles of Organisation - four simple principles which will help you organise for growth.

Build Your Business Well - How to Improve Your Balance Sheet

Your balance sheet is key to your business success. It measures the “net worth” of your business at a point time. It is a vital financial report as profitable businesses can and do go broke. As the saying goes: turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cashflow is reality.

Businesses with strong balance sheets can weather storms and given the current economic outlook it is a good idea for every business to strengthen their balance sheet.

By the end of this revealing one-hour webinar, you will:

  •  Understand why improving your Balance Sheet is key to your success and how it greatly improves your control over your business.
  •  Learn the four areas of focus for strengthening your Balance Sheet – profitability and cashflow are key but there are two other areas you need to focus on.
  •  Discover practical and proven strategies to strengthen your Balance Sheet including how to improve your cashflow and 7 straightforward ways to build your profitability.
  •  Know how to maximise the value of your business – this is important if you want stability and growth and vital if you want to sell.

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