Financial Awareness Coaching – Who should use this service?

We recommend this service to you if you are passionate about your business and want to better understand your numbers, so you can answer questions like:

  •  How much profit have I made this year? 
  •  Why has my profit increased but I have no cash?
  •  Is my cash level increasing or decreasing?
  •  What is affecting my cash level?

What is involved?

Financial Awareness Coaching is a 12 month coaching programme. You will attend meetings with us every two months to discuss your financial results (this can be monthly if you wish).

Let's talk about Finacial Coaching

The focus of each meeting will change and progress depending on your needs and objectives. You will:

  •  Develop an understanding of your key financial reports
  •  Gain knowledge of key accounting concepts
  •  Produce cashflow and profit report on a monthly basis
  •  Begin to produce customised reports on a monthly basis
  •  Understand how to better manage your debtors and creditors
  •  Learn how to monitor income and expenses throughout the year
  •  Find ways to save time on admin tasks that could be automated
  •  Identify weaknesses / areas to work on between meetings to get better results
  •  Iron out any existing errors (e.g. formats, coding, analysis, timing differences, etc.)
  •  Understand what other information you should capture and how (e.g. stock, debtors, creditors, etc.)

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When should I begin Financial Awareness Coaching?

Any time is a good time to improve your understanding of your financial reports in order to improve business performance.

The sooner you start Financial Awareness Coaching, the better your understanding of financial results and their implications, and the more control you will have over outcomes.

Benefits of Financial Awareness Coaching

  •  Enables you to better understand your business
  •  Iron out any existing errors to ensure accuracy in your financial reports
  •  Better manage and monitor your cashflow
  •  Customise your reports to ensure you capture the right information 
  •  Format your reports in a way that makes decision making easier
  •  Gain better understanding of the financial implications of decisions 
  •  Make better informed decisions
  •  Access regular independent financial advice
  •  Review your reports and record actions to be achieved before the next meeting
  •  Be held accountable to achieve progress between meetings  Identify any burning issues that need to be addressed
  •  Access the collective wisdom of our accountants, systems, products and services
  •  Phone support to address any burning issues between meetings

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