• Jun 02, 2021
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Building your most valuable asset – your team

They always say that hiring the right employees for your business is important, but it is not enough to hire someone who is just smart, talented, and fit for the job. How do you turn your employees and shape them into you dream team? And no, team building is not just the answer to it.

Here are 6 tips to help you build a winning team:

1. Recognize the strengths of each individual in your team

  • Most likely, all your employees came from different background. They will have different personalities therefore different ideas and strategies on how to do their jobs. As a manager/business owner, recognizing, understanding, enhancing then enabling them to channel their strengths in a way that it benefits your business but at the same time they are learning and growing, then you are on the right track.

2. Explain your goals and vision for your business

  • Set the scene for your employees. You must let them know what you are aiming for. Describe your future plans or where you want your team to be in eight months or two years from now. It is important to involve them and make them feel like they are part of whatever is coming along the way.

3. Value your employees

  • Get your employees moving and working. Give them daily tasks and projects that will get them moving. Challenge them and push them by using timelines or specific goals for them to strive and do their best. You must also acknowledge their success. Reward them with praise. It is not difficult to appreciate your employees’ success.

4. Identify roles clearly

  • All your employees must know their job or what is expected from them. If this isn’t clear or identified immediately, the employees will suffer and progress and efficiency in the workplace will be affected. Be sure to set this immediately or update roles and tasks frequently.

5. Team building exercises that won’t cost you a lot

  • Going for a go-kart or bowling can be a great team building exercise, but this need not be too expensive. Providing drinks and snacks for the last hour of a Friday afternoon/evening might work as even better and equally valuable.

6. Distinguish problems early

  • There will be instances where your employees are causing problems in your organization. The reason might be that your employee/s dealing with issues with their home life, personal hardships, financial problems, or other issues. In situations like this, firing them should be your last resort. You can try different ways and options to help employees facing problems like this like mediation services or seeking professional advice. You can always do something for them.

Building a winning team always comes down to a leader that inspires employees. This does not come naturally so if you are struggling or need some advice or help in building your dream team, we can help you.

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