Five tips for choosing an accountant

Choosing an accountant can be a tough and lengthy task.

A good accountant is one you can trust, depend on and who offers you advice and guidance that will help your business grow. Here are a few tips to help with your search.


In this digital age, it’s no longer essential to have your accountant nearby. Most use cloud-based technology and secure accounting software which allows you and your accountant to view identical real-time data at the same time – no matter where you are. However, you may prefer face-to-face contact and require your accountant to attend meetings with you on a regular basis. If that’s the case then it’s worth looking for a local accountancy firm.


When running your own business, there’s already enough to think about so the last thing you want to be worrying about is that your finances are in safe hands. For absolute peace of mind, choose an accountant that’s regulated by a professional body or recognised by the government.


Most accountants will have a preferred accounting software. Good quality accounting software, such as Xero, will make your accounting process easier as it simplifies tasks like invoicing, automatically sending the invoice and recording its contents at the same time. And if the accounting software is cloud-based, you can then give your accountant secure access to your accounts with the click of a button.


The way accountants charge for their services can be very different; some charge by the hour, some charge a monthly fixed fee and others might charge a percentage of your turnover or even offer a combination. It’s important to ensure you know what you will be paying at the outset so you can budget for it and find a fee structure that suits your business. At Naylor Accountancy we charge a fixed monthly fee so you’ll know what you’re paying upfront and there are no hidden surprises.

Always remember that while some accountants will do little more than manage your accounts and complete your tax returns, good accountants will be more proactive, save you money and help your company grow.

To find out how we can help your business finances, contact Naylor Accountancy.