Xero is a small business accounting software application accessible directly from the internet through any modern browser. Naylor Accountancy are Xero Gold Partners.

Xero Features

Always up to date

Xero is at the heart of everything we do for clients. in our opinion it is the best accounting software for small businesses on the market. It allows you to see your finances real time and make informed decisions plus you can instantly see who owes you money and then send out statements straight away. When I first set up Naylor Accountancy Services in 2011 I did an analysis of all the accounting software packages and Xero came top. Xero’s philosophy is to continually make things better and they have a very large pot of money to help them continually bring improvement to the business owner.


Fast and secure cloud servers

Xero account software runs in the cloud which just means that all your businesses financial data is available securely on line. The beauty of this is that you can access it anywhere from a PC, smartphone or tablet (there are apps too). What is even better is that we can see exactly what you see real time so we know how you are doing too.

Xero Time Saving

Time on your side

If we do the bookkeeping for you then you will see the real value of Xero and save time. All you will need to do is take photos of expenses using an app or email invoices and we do the rest. Then monitor your business online from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

A short introduction to Xero

Xero is available all over the world and runs in the cloud. This means you can do your finances using any device with an internet connection – any time, anywhere. It connects with your bank account so each transaction comes up quickly and matches up – like it's magic.

The Xero Dashboard

There are countless things to keep track of when you're running a small business – and one of the most important is your finances.

With the Xero Dashboard, you can easily see your overall business performance. You can also keep a close eye on key financials from your Chart of Accounts.